As a 1983 graduate of Clear Creek High School, I have strong roots in League City. I spent my adult life as a father, high school teacher, and basketball coach. Since retiring from coaching this year and with my children away at college, I now have time to give back to the community that has given me and my family so much for over 35 years.

What I love most about League City is the small, family-friendly atmosphere. We have festivals, fairs, and parades, yet plenty of close by amenities usually available only in large cities. I love the community support given to the Main Street area with dozens of local restaurants, shops, artisans, churches, and service-oriented businesses. As your council representative, I will support the preservation of this lifestyle as our city continues to grow.

I am a fiscal conservative and believe government should be small, efficient, and transparent. Having said that, I realize a local government is needed to address the many issues of a community like ours. I will address the spending of your tax dollars like I do the money in my own bank account – which my wife will tell you, I want to know where every dollar goes. I will ask lots of questions, and I will search for the best deals with the most economical answers to the problems we face.

I look forward to serving you in position 6!

Chris Gross