As a member of this community, the issues facing all of us are important to me. I want to work with each of you to resolve the problems we face with our Drainage, our Growing Community that causes Traffic Congestion and Water Infrastructure issues, and Attracting New Businesses while keeping our hometown feel. These issues will become more prevalent as time goes by and we need to be more proactive than reactive. My goal is to continue to facilitate running the city within our current budget and increase our tax base by bringing in new business.


Many neighborhoods throughout our city sustained significant damage during Harvey. As a fiscal conservative, I believe we should implement the most reasonable plan possible, while looking into grants and federal aid to help offset costs. Some ideas I would support for addressing the drainage issues include installing hydraulic pumps, widening drainage pipes, and adding or dredging retention ponds. We should also work in conjunction with state, county, and nearby cities to resolve common issues, such as drainage of Clear Creek and Dickinson Bayou.

I am committed to improving the drainage systems of League City while being mindful of budgetary constraints and accessing all outside resources.

Growing Community: Traffic & Water

Planning for League City’s expected population growth rather than responding to it is paramount. League City is approximately 52% built out, and has a population of about 104,000 people. The built-out population is expected to be about 210,000 people. The two biggest concerns of residents are traffic and water. Both problems are expensive, but must be reconciled.

TRAFFIC: I drove FM 518 at I-45 during peak traffic to calculate the wait time. It took ten-minutes to go a half-mile. League City has budget money for two FM 518 projects.  These may be band-aid solutions to last a few years, but inevitably FM 518 at I-45 will need to be widened. I will support this initiative as long as state and federal aid is obtained.

WATER: Currently, League City uses about 20 million gallons of water per day. We get the bulk of our water from Houston, but the lines do not have the capacity to meet the expected population needs. Estimates of updating the water supply run $50 million. As a councilman, I will implore state and federal aid to help with this while I continue to push our engineers to explore new avenues to get water to League City.

Attract New Businesses

Having new businesses is an excellent way to increase our tax revenue without putting it on our residents.  Commercial businesses are coming to League City by leaps and bounds. Zoning areas for commercial use will be help in attracting additional business, in addition to improving the City’s permitting process. As councilman, I will encourage an evaluation of what businesses our residents want and need near their homes, particularly on the west side, so we can offer incentives to those kinds of businesses.